Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been a customer of AT&T wireless for several years now. Last December, I noticed my service was getting worse. Multiple dropped calls each day. I called and their customer service told me that they would send me a data package upgrade to my phone to see if that would help and that there were repairs being done to a nearby tower.
Several months later, my service has gotten increasingly poor. June, I call again. Again another 'software update' is sent. Again, my service does not improve.
I call last week in the middle of trying to get my wireless bridge fixed. They tell me they would send out a technician to my area to check signal strength and would get back to me within 72 hours. A week later they call me and say that the tower is working fine and that I must be in one of the areas that doesn't get coverage within their coverage area...What the hell?
So...I'm in your coverage area, yet I don't get coverage since there are areas of no coverage within your coverage area. Yet you advertise 99% of the US is covered? And it states in the users agreement that I signed when I signed up for AT&T service that there are no-coverage ares within the coverage areas.
My ONLY options are, a. suck it up and live with crappy service, b. buy a $150 microwave repeater for my home to boost signal strength or c. switch carriers and hope Verizon has better coverage.

Thanks for nothing AT&T!

(the tech did give me a few hundred rollover minutes to compensate for my dropped calls and a $25 credit for my troubles...)

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